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Welcome to “Rest in Jelly”, a videogame that will test your platforming ability and precision in ways that will drive you crazy. All you will need is just a button… plus an almost non-human accuracy and nerves of steel.


Platforming excellence

We wanted to create a game that dares you to become a platformer king in a different way. We love games that do so, just like Super Meat Boy: a game where you die constantly and still feel the urge of starting again to get it right. But we wanted to make it even simpler and purer: the main character is always running, so it’s all reduced to your ability to jump, which we believe is the quintessential element of platforming games.
It seems easy, yet it is deadly hard!

Beware the jellies!

You will control Jack, a clumsy devil that finds himself in the center of a terrible jelly rebellion. Jellies can seem silly, but don’t fool yourself: they plot for the demise of the world as we know it (or at least as Jack and his fellow devils know it). You will visit 4 different worlds while progressing on the “Rest in Jelly” plot. End the jelly rebellion while unlocking the 10+ secret characters.

One button, lots of content

“Rest in Jelly” might be controlled with just one button, but it features lots of content. 14 playable characters, 4 different worlds, 150+ levels, LOTS of hazards and enemies, and multiple game modes for 1 or 2 players locally. You will be fighting jellies for hours! You can even fight your friends to see who’s the real platforming master!

True game designers just need one button

Nowadays new generation consoles feature controllers that feel like rocket science. New games take pride in their intricate mechanics and sometimes they get lost in their own complexity. We believe in minimizing gaming to its purest form. The result is “Rest in Jelly” a high-ability videogame where you will face lots of mazes, enemies and obstacles only armed with no more than one button; because one button can be the difference between a player and a true champion.


  • Game design at its purest form - An entire game that can be controlled with just one button.
  • Lots of challenges and dangers - Campaign mode with 4 different worlds and over 50 levels to beat.
  • Stop the Jelly Rebellion - A funny and engaging plot around the jelly rebellion that will lead you to unlock over 10 hidden characters.
  • Wit and ability - Each level will test you: you will need to understand what it takes to beat the level and then you will need to be enough skilled to do it.
  • Multiple modes for 1 and 2 players - “Rest in Jelly” includes 2 solo modes and 2 local multiplayer modes so you can beat those nasty jellies alone or with a friend.


Mutinies and Mutations - A Rest in Jelly Story YouTube

Rest in Jelly Greenlight trailer YouTube

How levels are done in Rest in Jelly (Time-Lapse) YouTube

Game feel Evolution in Rest in Jelly (August 2016) YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Un juego de plataformas en 2D en el que controlaremos una especie de mini Diablo con complejo de runner al estilo Forrest Gump. "
    - Santi, Solo Indies
  • "Rebelión con sabor a fruta"
    - Cristina Pérez, Zonared

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Rest in Jelly devlog

Exalumnes d'Enti-UB presenten el seu videojoc Rest in Jelly al Gamelab 2016

About Litte Miracles Games

As a studio, we’ve always wanted to combine our skills to create quality products. Our philosophy is to treat our creations not like games, but as memorable experiences worthy of appreciation and remembrance. That’s what we aim to achieve every time we start a new project.

If all goes well, every creative process will be filled with small moments of joy that will contribute to crafting a complete piece of work of which to be proud. For us, bringing any of our creations to fruition is a little miracle. We want others to consider them as such too.

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Rest in Jelly Credits

Marc Marfà Mora
COO & Producer

Daniel Fernández Galeote
Game Designer

Adrià Casanova Rodríguez

Xavi Pous Blanquet
2D Artist

Gloria O.Rodríguez
2D Artist

Matthew Collins

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